To Accept

It is human nature to judge, complain and criticize. At times it becomes an integral part of us, that we refuse to change this habit which stops us from being happy.

It so happened that once when I was really disturbed feeling annoyed, baffled and unhappy, I approached someone with immense knowledge and a marvelous intellect,  yet so simple, down to earth and compassionate. The words from that person really motivated me to write this. It may sound really simple but small things do make a great difference in life!

” Things aren’t the way I want them to be…..” and so I went on narrating the experiences which I have had with people and how I wasn’t happy with that. What I heard did sound simple at first but these words did certainly have a profound impact on my  life if practiced was something a learnt.

A striking and enlightening response which I received ” How long would you go on judging people and situations? It is your mind which will end up being perturbed. There is hatred in this world and plenty of love as well. There is untruth and people in whom the truth sparkles as well!


You can’t change everything in this world. It is meant to be so and let it be. You be good, you be honest and those who wish to change will do. You can only change the way you perceive this world. A transformation on the other end can happen only if the person is receptive and wishes to.

You will never be disturbed if you learn the art of acceptance.

“Like a lotus that grows in slush

yet unstained the slightest by it!”

For many days and I did contemplate on these words and putting this into practice has been a miracle, transforming the way the world can be perceived and has helped me in improving my state of mind and certainly life is running smoother.

The more we accept things as they are, the easier it is. The more we complain the perturbed we end up being.

So I wished to share these words and I am ever grateful to the person!





Music- A Blissful Companion

Music has enhanced the brightness of the day, has added colours to the portrait of my life, blissfully resonating my heart,mind and soul.Though I am only a beginner on this royal path, it is a way of relaxing myself and a drift from the otherwise busy schedule of my life as a student.

At a deeper level,the phrase “music is meditation”, holds profound meaning and significance as one can forget the world when one goes deeper into the raagam(scale of notes), while listening to it or perhaps singing. It has the ability to give joy both to the singer as well as to the audience taking both along the scale of notes, an elated flow, identical to a river. I can most certainly say “You enjoy and make others happy as well.”

Music is an expression of one’s emotions.It is an ideal way of expressing feelings like joy,agony,separation,devotion,love,bliss,contentment, hope and so on.

One of the subtlest and nourishing gifts the creator has generously bestowed on all beings is this exquisite melody.
On the whole, I can say that it is a way of connecting with the universe of which an individual is an eternal part.
We are indeed extremely fortunate to have a companion who takes away all the burden,fear,anxiety or sorrow and carries us to a world where there is only happiness and happiness alone.